Steering is the soul of the car. Handle it with care.

Soul Of The Car...erik Witsoe NYFUVvKYAdI Unsplash

2013 is a special year for steer-by-wire in the automotive industry. Since you have found interest in reading this article, you maybe already know that steer-by-wire was introduced in serial production this year by a Japanese OEM. It was not exactly embraced by the motor journalists. Although maybe not fully mature in all aspects, like criticism for poor steering feel, I must give kudos to the bravery of deploying their steer-by-wire to market, even though it still had a mechanical backup.

2013 is also the year for the start of serial production of vehicles with steering-feel-by-wire in combination with the conventional mechanical power steering system. We call our technology Blueprint Steering. This split of steering feel from the constraints of mechanical limitations made an epic elevation of precision and driver satisfaction. Since the beginning it has been, and still is, a very loved option with a high take rate. Our well-established Blueprint Steering is the foundation for a great steering feel, also in the era of steer-by-wire.

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