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Sentient delivers steering and safety functions based on a genuine understanding of how both experienced as well as less experienced drivers executes driving. These solutions differ from the ones used today and bring promises of a next generation of vehicle steering and safety functions. The first function, S+ Blueprint Steering, has been in production since 2013, demonstrated in a famous truck commercial.

History – Founded by Innovators

Founded by innovators in 2009, Sentient has since then grown organically.

The team set out to revolutionise the conceptual thinking behind steering and vehicle motion control.

An important milestone was the start of production of S+ Blueprint Steering in 2013.

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In the hype of autonomous driving, driverless cars will need to be able to handle critical situations on the same level as very skilled drivers.
Sentient makes this happen.

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Functional Safety, Quality and Cyber Security are issues we take very seriously.

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