In the hype of autonomous driving, driverless cars will need to be able
to handle critical situations on the same level as very skilled drivers.
Sentient makes this happen.

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Steering and Safety you Don´t Want to Be Without

Our product functions are created based on a genuine understanding of how drivers – experienced as well as less experienced – executes driving. This knowledge brings solutions that in many ways differ from the way safety functions of today work. We are sure that our rethinking of solutions will not only make the roads safer – it will revolutionise development in steering and vehicle motion control.

S+ Blueprint Steering have been in production since 2013 by a leading OEM of commercial vehicles.

Sentient Service – Support and Training

Our costumers are also offered maintenance and support as part of software products deliveries, including helpdesk services with a defined fast response time. Our service staff are experts on steering feel, and possess an extensive knowledge in product functionality and the possibilities the products offer. Sentient also offers training and support in tuning.

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