S+ Personal Steering

S+ Personal Steering

Customise your steering feel

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Modern vehicles provide settings for the steering feel, such as ‘Sport’ and ‘Comfort’, which are preset by the producer. With S+ Personal Steering you are not limited to factory presets, but have the ability to adjust the steering feel attribute by attribute.

Steering Feel Attributes

S+ Personal Steering offers run-time adjustment of steering-feel attributes. The function allows the driver to modify the steering feel according to personal preferences on a general level, and for the specific situation at hand, such as low-speed manoeuvring in confined spaces or high-speed driving on open roads.

Regulate on Five Attributes

On-Centre Torque Build-Up

Steering-wheel torque when driving straight ahead.

Off-Centre Torque Build-Up

Steering-wheel torque when driving in a curve.

Return Control

Steering-wheel return speed to centre when driving slowly.

Damping Feel

From swift, easy turning to calm and well-damped.

Friction Feel

The level of hysteresis to “lean against”.