S+ Steer by wire

Not ordinary steer by wire

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The steer-by-wire technology offers numeral opportunities for the future. Even possibilities we don’t know about yet. But we do know that the core of every steering solution must be steering feel and driving experience. It is the soul of the car.

Blueprint steering

S+ Steer by Wire from Sentient comes with our quality steering feel technology Blueprint Steering, proved in production since 2013 and highly appreciated by the drivers. With Blueprint Steering you don’t need to sacrifice feedback quality when you go for Steer by Wire, it is instead the starting point for the evolution of your steering DNA.

Integrated stability management

The S+ Steer by Wire also comes with integrated stability management. This will allow a chassis tuning virtually free from understeer, thus creating a unique high-capacity cornering performance, free from unrefined brake activation. This will also allow the use of a yoke with full command of the car in any driving situation. With S+ Steer by Wire you can deliver a new modern driving experience that distinguishes your steer by wire offering not only from conventional steering cars but also from ordinary steer by wire cars.