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Functional Safety, Quality & Cyber Security

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Functional Safety

Sentient’s Safety Concept is a hazard-elimination strategy, which guarantees that the driver remains in control of the vehicle at any event. Since its introduction on the market in 2013, the concept has been used in trucks to ensure safety in traffic.


Sentient’s software development ensures that quality is achieved in every step. Sentient’s software products are accompanied with transparent user documentation from first concept to integration in vehicle. The quality management system at Sentient conforms with the ISO/IEC 25051 standard for quality of software. Sentient utilises independent third-party assessment to continuously improve the processes.

Cyber Security

With an increasing use of information technology in vehicles, cybersecurity becomes significant. This includes measures to protect the driver’s integrity and physical safety.

Sentient software can be incorporated into the vehicle’s existing security framework. A layered architecture, well-defined interfaces and a distributed functional-safety mechanism provides an effective foundation for a reliable and secure system.