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We are always looking for new team players that thrive on finding and implementing solutions to highly complex challenges, that are not afraid to try out new ideas in search of innovation, and that take pride in delivering outstanding products.

We Make the Impossible Possible

We offer a workplace where everything is possible – from creating a massive decrease in traffic accidents and revolutionising vehicle motion control worldwide to demonstrating our functions to the King of Sweden by drawing a crown on the ground with shaving cream.

Student Opportunities

Are you a student and want to gain valuable work experience through an internship or thesis? At Sentient you can explore all aspects of our business including function development, product integration, customer support, and marketing. We are curious about and interested in your ideas and knowledge that can contribute to our development and goals. You will be an important part of the team.

Let´s Get to Know Each Other

If you think this sounds attractive, and you want to know more; please feel free to get in touch with us by using ‘Open Application’ or ‘Student’ to the right or give us a call at +46 31 309 72 00.

Open Application

You are always welcome to send in an open application. You can also easily attach you CV.


Are you student and interested in contributing to our development and receiving valuable experience and knowledge? Then we are happy to get in touch with you.

The Autonomous Royal Crown

The King at a Sentient Demo

Though Sentient focuses on serious matters, such as preventing traffic accidents and providing comfortable and tunable driving, we often demonstrate the functions in more or less spectacular ways. The Royal Crown, presented to the King of Sweden for his birthday, belongs to the latter.

Driverless Cars Must Perform Better Than the Average Driver

– In the hype of autonomous driving, driverless cars will need to be able to handle critical situations on the same level as very skilled drivers, says Johan Hultén, co-founder and CTO at Sentient.

What if autonomous vehicles were driven like a mediocre driver was driving them? Would anyone with a high level of driving skill accept being driven in a car like that? Would he/she feel comfortable sending his/her children off to school, or to their leisure activities, in autonomous vehicles like that? Would the public accept the autonomous cars on our roads performing worse than if a skilled driver were behind the wheel?

The answer to those questions is no. Neither skilled drivers nor the general public would accept autonomous driving that’s less safe than today’s cars being driven by experienced drivers.


Figure: Expectations regarding the capability to handle a critical dynamic situation.

However, in the hype of autonomous driving, little is said about the critical situations every car will have to deal with, situations like aquaplaning and skidding on ice at high speed. We’re convinced that, when introducing autonomous driving, driverless cars will need to be able to handle critical situations on the same level as very skilled drivers.

That’s why S+ Motion Control makes the average driver an expert one, at the very least. Where traditional ESP prevents instabilities,  e.g. oversteer, S+ Motion Control prevents instabilities and follows the intended path, keeping the vehicle within its lane.

/Johan Hultén CTO and co-founder of Sentient

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