Powerful 4-wheel torque vectoring

– without destroying steering feel.

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The introduction of powerful electric motors, one for each of the four wheels of a vehicle, seems to give vast potential for a great driving experience. There is, however, one very important drawback. When torque vectoring the front wheels, you immediately mess up steering feel. I have seen it, or rather felt it, too many times. Even if you design the front suspension of the vehicle with small, or zero, steering-axis offset at the wheel centre, the contact point between the tyre and ground will wander in real driving and corrupt steering feel. Add high front axle loads and powerful motors to the equation, and torque vectoring will certainly mess up steering, no matter how smart the control is.

Do not despair, it is possible to have full 4-wheel torque vectoring AND great steering. The solution is S+ Blueprint Steering – the steering control principle that is not sensitive to unwanted forces around the steering axis. It is absolutely true to your desired feedback, including limit handling feel, and nothing else.  For the first time, you can use as much longitudinal tyre force as you want and release the full potential of torque vectoring.

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