Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy

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By submitting your contact details, such as e-mail, name, workplace and adress you thereby agree to Sentient collecting this information and that you will be receiving news from us at Sentient.

The contact information we collect will not be used for other purposes than stated in the form you filled out. That is Newsletter subscription, Signing up for Demo Days, Open Job Application or a Request to be contacted.

Sentient will not forward your information to any other partner than Campaign Monitor, which we use when sending newsletters.

Whenever you want you can unregister or update the information shared with us using a link in the newsletter. Your information will then be kept, but not active and deleted within 180 days. If you want your information to be deleted before this  – please send a request to

Or send a letter to our adress below.

More on your rights to rectification, completion and erasure of data

To find out what personal information is available about you at Sentient, you can contact us. In cases where consent has been given for a specific purpose, you can always revoke by calling or writing to us and notifying it (

You also have the right to contact the Swedish Data Protection Authority/Privacy Protection Agency with any complaints if you are dissatisfied with the processing of personal data.

Who is responsible for the processing of the data that you transmit to us?

Sentient AB is the Personal Data Controller.

Personal Data Processor is the person processing personal data on behalf of the Controller. It can, for example, be an external economist, IT provider or other that has access to Sentient’s system and data. In cases where Sentient deems it necessary, a so-called Personal Data Processing Agreement will be established between the Processor and the Sentient.

List of records

According to the regulation, Sentient holds a register describing the different ways in which personal data are handled. The register contains information about who is internally responsible for a particular register or IT system, what the data is used for, the type of data and on which legal basis the data is handled.

Personal privacy and recruitment

It goes without saying that applying for a job means that more personal data is transmitted to us than signing up for a newsletter. This is how we process this data.

Personal data processed by Sentient are, among other things, name, date of birth, address, information about experience and skills, possibly photos, etc.

Those who may come into contact with the data are mainly responsible managers, HR or hired recruitment agencies.

For what purposes is personal data processed?

In order for Sentient to be able to handle applications, interviews and decision-making in a recruitment process, we collect and process personal data.

What is the legal basis for the treatment?

In order for Sentient to handle applications submitted by the data subjects, to conduct interviews and to make decisions in a recruitment procedure, the company must process certain personal data.

The basis for this processing is legitimate interests, or alternatively, for fulfilling or concluding contracts.

How long is the personal data stored?

Sentient never stores data for longer than is necessary with regard to the purposes of the processing.

The company therefore carries out regular screening of stored personal data and deletes the data that is no longer needed. However, Sentient may need to store the personal data after the recruitment procedure is completed if we deem it necessary to save them in order to deal with legal requirements that might be directed towards Sentient. In these exceptional cases, the data is stored in accordance with the obligation imposed on the company under, in each case, the applicable regulations.

We may also save applications from candidates who are interesting for future recruitments. In such cases, the data is saved for a maximum of 2 years.