Autonomous Driving is About to Become Dangerous if not…

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Today, autonomous driving is about to become more dangerous on the roads than traditional vehicles handled by experienced drivers. We claim that neither skilled drivers nor the general public shall accept that autonomous driving is less safe than today’s cars driven by experienced drivers, and we have the solution.
In the hype of autonomous driving, very few speak about the critical situations every car, autonomous or not, will have to handle. A self-driving car will have to handle critical situations, such as aquaplaning and skidding on ice in high speed. This is an important aspect of safety that needs to be addressed in public. We are convinced that for introducing autonomous driving, driverless cars that controls critical situations in parity with very skilled drivers is a prerequisite.
It is a reasonable assumption that the market for self-driving cars will be defined by society as well as by experienced drivers, such as test drivers or vehicle journalists. The society will probably not accept that autonomous vehicles are more dangerous than today’s average vehicle fleet – at a minimum. Customers’ expectations will vary depending on their knowledge about the functionality of autonomous vehicles. The informed customer will, just as an experienced driver, not accept self-driving cars with less safety than a car with an experienced driver.

Sentient’s S+ Motion Control makes the average driver at least an expert driver, reducing the risk of accidents. Where traditional ESP prevents instabilities, S+ Motion Control prevents instabilities and follows the intended path.

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