Auris Astazero 800
The conventional way of giving feedback to the driver is through tyre forces. Sometimes these forces do reflect the vehicle motion, but very often they do not. The consequence of feedback from tyre forces is, for instance, torque steer. Many drivers are troubled by torque steer.
Key principles of Sentient Steering+:
  • To establish the driver's intended vehicle path and control the vehicle accordingly
  • To give the driver feedback about the vehicle motion
We don’t find this controversial. What about you?
Steering+ is the only product based on these principles.
Steeringhas been in production since 2013. See what it does for you:


The film has been made by one of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy vehicles. Our steering software plays a leading role in above promotion video, also featuring stars like Jean Claude van Damme in the viral success The Epic Split on YouTube. The actor is known for his splits, but this is probably the first time a video like this goes viral. By pressing the link above you will watch on YouTube the epic split by Jean-Claude Van Damme between two reversing trucks from a leading truck manufacturer.