The Market for Safe Autonomous Vehicles is Where We Create It

Have you experienced something similar to this? Think of a situation with a normal car of today and quite bad weather. Assume that you are an experienced driver, and that the others in your company is not. You will offer to drive and everybody, including you, will be happy about it.
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This is analogous to a future with autonomous vehicles. Skilled drivers will not be able work or sleep in the car if the vehicle itself isn’t at least in parity with the skill of his own.
U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao called on Silicon Valley to “step up” and explain self-driving technology to help the public overcome its fears of robots taking the wheel.

Chao points at a critical fact. Unless someone explain, the market will not understand that autonomous driving require higher safety standard once self-driving cars are introduced. And as we know it, traditional technology development will be a slow movement toward safer vehicles.
It’s obvious that the market eventually will require active safety and vehicle control functionality in parity with very skilled drivers, such as journalists or test drivers. It is our obligation to make sure that the vehicle fleet produced will be in parity with experienced drivers. What is your opinion?

We noise about reasonable customer requirements and we provide the market with solutions to such requirements..