We Have Taken the Red Pill

  • Sentient was formed because the world needs more relevant products – that make a difference to the customer. Our passion is to create products that bring usage to a new standard, leading to safer and more sustainable vehicles. We set out to reform innovation and development of vehicle motion control and active safety.

    To take the red pill means embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality. Sentient has chosen to face reality and an uncertain future in order to truly move innovation forward.

  • Sentient’s true top-down approach makes customer oriented innovation easy through solutions that enable decoupling between hardware and software. This leads to interchangeability of components and faster innovation pace of new functions.

    Join us in Wonderland. We want to show you how deep the rabbit hole is.

  • We have already done it.

    Watch the Epic Split

    The film has been made by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy vehicles. Our steering software plays a leading role in this promotion video, also featuring stars like Jean Claude van Damme in the viral success The Epic Split on YouTube. The actor is known for his splits, but this is probably the first time a video like this goes viral. By pressing the link above, you will watch on YouTube the epic split by Jean-Claude Van Damme between two reversing trucks from a leading truck manufacturer.
  • Determined to fundamentally change the way vehicle motion control is developed and speed up time to market Johan Hultén and Jochen Pohl founded Sentient in 2009 as the first independent software product company in its field.