Human error is the cause of most road accidents.  But humans are amazingly good at avoiding accidents, with 100 million miles driven for every fatality. An obvious possibility for stability systems is therefore not only to counteract poor human performance, but also to enhance good human performance.

Loss of control due to an oversteer situation is a dangerous event. S+ Oversteer Control uses a guiding steering torque to regain stability quickly and smoothly. Moreover – at the very beginning of the event – this guiding torque will inform the driver of the poor grip being exhibited by the rear end of the vehicle. The driver then has a chance to reduce speed even before instability manifests.

Oversteer can arise from the driver making an evasive manoeuvre, to avoid hitting another car, child or perhaps a wild animal. In a case like this you not only want to regain stability, but also avoid the obstacle. The driver can seamlessly adjust the torque to achieve the desired path, while S+ Oversteer Control effectively assists in keeping the car in balance. The intuitive means of interaction makes sure that the all-important intention of the driver is included in the control loop.

PS: A bonus is that the driver has the feeling of being an expert. This makes S+ Oversteer Control the only stability system that is truly fun to drive. But that’s another story.

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