Functional Safety

Sentient’s Safety Concept is a hazard-elimination strategy, which guarantees that the driver remains in control of the vehicle at any event. Since its introduction on the market in 2013, the concept has been used in trucks to ensure safety in traffic.

The Safety Concept has been developed according to ISO 26262 and its highest integrity level, ASIL D. The concept enables Sentient’s software to be used safely in all kinds of vehicles, where failure otherwise could result in difficulty to control the vehicle and where potentially life-threatening situations can occur.

With advanced knowledge and experience in Mechatronics and System Safety, Sentient has the competence to set product systems requirements to ensure a safe product.

ISO 26262 is a standard for functional safety in road vehicles. First released in 2011, it has become the industry norm for development of safety related functions. Since 2017, Sentient participates in the Swedish technical committee for development of the standard.