Experience World-Class Driving with S+ Steering

Since 2013, customers of a leading OEM of commercial vehicles have enjoyed a high level of comfort, control and stability through S+ Steering. S+ Steering works just as well for passenger cars and have an extensive interface suited for driver assistance systems and fully autonomous vehicles. Click on the image below to watch how S+ Steering contributes to steering precision and direction stability.

The film has been made by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy vehicles. Our steering software, S+ Steering, plays a leading role in this promotion video, also featuring stars like Jean Claude van Damme in the viral success The Epic Split on YouTube. The actor is known for his splits, but this is probably the first time a video like this goes viral. By pressing the link above, you will watch on YouTube the epic split by Jean-Claude Van Damme between two reversing trucks from a leading truck manufacturer.