S+ Blueprint Steering

Sentient’s patented S+ Blueprint Steering is the next generation steering-feel control with an exceptional level of steering-feel fidelity, providing relevant vehicle-motion and road feedback. S+ Blueprint Steering interprets the driver’s torque into a vehicle response, resulting in an accurate path keeping.

In Total Control Since 2013

S+ Blueprint Steering has an extraordinary ability to resist disturbances from the road and tyres without compromising the steering feel. For example, the effective disturbance suppression, makes steering dampers superfluous. S+ Blueprint Steering has been in production since 2013 proving a total control of the steering feel. That is why it is named S+ Blueprint Steering.

Consistent Steering Feel

S+ Blueprint Steering provides a consistent steering feel, through torque feedback, independent of vehicle individual as well as tyre characteristics, steering-system damping and friction properties as well as front-axle suspension properties. With the hardware-independent steering feel, the vehicle can be tuned to meet any desired steering-feel DNA. A consistent steering feel is also achieved independent of road and tyre disturbances.

Design Precision and Easy Tuning

The steering feel can be precisely shaped according to carefully considered requirements. Endless boost-curve tuning and parameter adjustments to counteract unwanted levels of friction, inertia, weakness and other disturbance factors are eliminated. S+ Blueprint Steering also removes several limitation and compromises set by steering and suspension layout.

Future Functionality and Autonomous Driving

S+ Blueprint Steering is not only about a superior steering feel. By the nature that S+ Blueprint Steering is designed, it is the perfect host for a range of added functionality such as S+ Lane Keeping Aid and S+ Personal Settings. S+ Blueprint Steering also provides a solid and seamless hand-over between autonomous and manual driving.

Close to Zero Disturbance

Conventional boost-curve tuning, typically incorporates extra functions to compensate for unwanted disturbances, transfered to the steering wheel. A well-tuned boost-curve would generate unwanted torque variations of around 2-3 Nm. With S+ Blueprint Steering, torque variations as low as 0.05 to 0.25 Nm is achieved without compromising the steering feel. The following phenomena are eliminated with S+ Blueprint Steering.

Low Course Stability

Tyre-to-road forces that arise due to an uneven road surface cause low course stability and sometimes "snaking". With S+ Blueprint Steering, the driver does not need to compensate for this kind of course deviations.

Torque Steer

Worn roads with e.g. longitudinal ruts cause torque-steer disturbances at acceleration or deceleration, forcing the driver to clench onto the steering wheel and compensate for the disturbing torque. With S+ Blueprint Steering, the torque deviations are fully eliminated with a safer and more relaxed driving as a benefit.


Driving on a crowned road surface can cause steering-wheel torque, leading to directional deviation and the tendency to “fall of” to the side of a banked road. With S+ Blueprint Steering, the driver does not need to compensate for the steering-wheel torque when trying to go straight.


Brake judder or unbalanced front wheels due to e.g. mud in tyres cause vibrations in the steering wheel. The vibrations are actively compensated so that the driver does not experience such undesirable vibrations.

Road Disturbances

At low speeds, uneven road surfaces due to e.g., pot-holes often result in undesirable steering wheel torques or kick-backs. With S+ Blueprint Steering, the driver maneuvers the vehicle without kick-back disturbances in the steering wheel.

Slow Steering Wheel Returnability

The “returnability” of the steering wheel after a turn, may not be sufficient due to friction in e.g., the steering system. S+ Blueprint Steering provides a smooth and predictable returnability, even when passing e.g., road bumps. This is also achieved when reversing the vehicle.